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    Specializes in designing custom packaging solutions across all business spectrums, CPG to retailers, B-2B, Industry and institutional. Our proficient design team will bring your ideas to life; manufacture them with state of the art machinery for outstanding results.

  • Capabilitites

    Market Insights

    Marketing looks at each client challenge as an opportunity to uncover consumer insight to increase the value proposition and gain strategic, competitive advantage. It isn’t just about driving costs out of the equation; it’s about differentiation and return on the value proposition.

    Structural Design

    Lead with your strength. This is where C&B clearly separates itself from the pack. Our structural design team consistently out performs the industry and exceeds client expectations. Years of experience ensure that innovations are rigorously refined to yield supply chain efficiencies and manufacturing economies that can be measured and tested. Solutions that work the first time.

    Graphic Design

    Packaging design, Point-of-Purchase, and Display Merchandising are three distinct disciplines, and there are more. Harnessing and effectively leveraging the power of visual brand communication across multiple platforms requires in-depth knowledge and highly developed application specific skills. Several clients have retained our team to lead all visual brand communication as agency of record, from brand development to promotional marketing.


    Our reputation is built on deadlines. We work hard to understand each client’s exact expectations – then work harder to exceed them. Every client is assigned a dedicated team including Account Management, Customer Service and Production. Collectively, we take pride in consistently delivering on the promise of ‘On time deliveries and flawless project execution’. State of the art production equipment, lean manufacturing processes, ISO quality and proven systems create what we call the C&B difference.

    Our Service

    We were founded in 1984 and have vast knowledge and experience in the industry and market leading expertise in emerging supply chain solutions and display packaging innovation. Our recommendations are focused on value creation and return on your investment. If it’s not driving demand or increasing the value proposition, it’s got to be driving costs down. Our in-house team of industry experts are aligned in four cross-functional areas: Marketing Insights, Structural Design & Testing, Graphic Design, and Execution.


    Today’s marketplace allows for many different applications to meet your marketing needs. We research your market competition to recommend the best application to achieve your objectives and meet budget. Keep ahead of the competition and be the first to market with compelling and cost effective new trends – by letting the C&B design team show you our proven recipe for marketing success.

  • About Us

    C&B Display Packaging Inc. (formerly C&B Corrugated Containers, Inc.) was founded in 1984 by the Cooper and Brown families. Recognizing the speed to market and supply chain advantages of vertical integration, C&B has over 30 years of reliable raw material supply.

    C&B is a privately owned company operating a multi-shift manufacturing facility with a dedicated staff of over 60 non-union employees. We are ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certified, FSC certified, AICC Member, and POPAI award winners. In addition we offer complete co-packing and fulfillment capabilities.

    Insight and innovation are the driving themes behind C&B’s corporate strategy. We combine our collective talents and offer our clients the benefit of ‘industry hindsight’ with new thinking that increases the R.O.I. on every proposition. At C&B, we take pride in our personal approach and our commitment to excellence.


    Lindt - Lindor Valentines Display Second Place, POPAI

    Oreo - Basketball Promo Third Place, AICC


    Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

    It is essential that packaging contain, ship, protect, preserve, efficiently handle, store and distribute the product while maintaining brand recognition.

    It requires a significant amount of resources to manufacture packaging and in C&B Display Packaging Inc.’s applications, resources are recycled and reused again.

    • In 2009 C&B registered to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® certificate SGSNA-COC-006678) & Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI certificate SGS-SFI/COC-CA09/55454).

    • C&B purchases raw board from Independent Corrugator Inc. (ICI) who supply 100% recycled liner and 80% recycled medium or various combinations to meet customer needs.

    • Raw material damaged, trimmed or deemed waste in the production process is sent back to the paper mill to ensure it is recycled and re-used.

    • Using optimized logistic efficiencies C&B’s shipping department maximizes the capacity of every trailer, cutting back on pollution and fuel consumption.

    • C&B utilizes organic pigmented water soluble inks that do not contain heavy metals or alcohol.

    • Through design innovation C&B’s design team produces sustainable packaging that uses less board thus saving customers money and consuming fewer natural resources e.g.: using self-locking tabs to replace tape closures thereby eliminating tape and reducing manufacturing costs.

    C&B uses a software program called ‘TOPS’ in the design process to optimize the Product to Package Ratio (packaging material versus product weight) and Cube Utilization (product volume versus packaged product volume).

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    C&B Display and Packaging Inc.

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    Geordie Brown VP Sales & Product Development - gbrown@cbdisplaypac.ca
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